— Our “Touch Less” Service

The Better Remediation Solution

Discover the power of cross-activated hydrogen peroxide with our Solution. Regardless of the products you use, it is now time to look at more effective sanitizing methods. This will quickly replace dozens of cleaning products you now carry around in your truck It will also reduce the time on the job and solve the worst problems without using dangerous or toxic chemicals. Sanitizing and Infection Control (including coronavirus)
Kills 99.9999999% of Germs, Viruses and Bacteria
Odor Removal - Kills odors at the source
Mold Remediation - Neutralizes Mold Spores
Air Duct and HVAC Sanitizing
Decontamination and Surface Cleaning
Carpet Cleaning and Sanitizing
Reduce and Eliminate VOCs
Will Not Stain or Bleach Fabrics - No Toxic Residue - Destroys Biofilm - Pleasant Smell

Ozone is now outdated, most cleaning products are dangerous and generally work for specific problems. Our product is a single solution for remediation service because it solves a vast array of environmental issues faster and better than Ozone 30% of homes and 80% of buildings have poor indoor air quality, and face latent concerns for enforcement action. In addition, employee absenteeism and medical claims eat away at profits and company productivity

Professional Sanitizing

The second step is applying a fog or mist that sweeps the air of particuate, neutralizes toxins, further sanitizes all surfaces, kill mold and fungi, and leaves no toxic residue. The process is can be completed in record time, and is EPA registered, Green certified, and one of the most effective process in the last fifteen years.

The final application is extraordinarily Green as we restore the healthy biome by applying a layer of amazing probiotics that extend the effectiveness of the treatment. Probiotics eat away the biofilm, any organic residue, and provides a germ-inhibiting system that refresh for 30 days when integrated with the daily cleaning routine.