— About Our Program

There is nothing like the Chanz Sanitizing program. While other programs drag out bleach and other strong chemical solutions, we stay true to our mission to provide Green and Healthy solutions that exceed expectations do not add toxic residue behind.

Our professional sanitizing program is powerful, effective, and designed for maximum infection prevention of buildings. The Chanz sanitized system is Green and will create a healthier workplace, school, or public space. Our program reduces and eliminates years of toxins, pollution, and allergic conditions. Years of pesticide treatments, chemical cleaning products, pollution of all types, copier dust, mold and mildew combine to make a sick and toxic build.


The chanz Sanitizing system is not a cleaning service. Our triple-layer treatment is designed to be an addition to the cleaning service. Though related, cleaning and sanitizing are not the same. Sanitizing is not the result of vacuuming, scrubbing, mopping, and removing trash. Sanitizing takes time and resources that unskilled, time-strained schedules, and untrained workers cannot deliver. Janitorial services are driven by the low-bid mentality and are forced to stretch workers to their limit. The idea of a cleaning service that sanitizes is an impractical expectation. A monthly chanz sanitizing treatment can provide 30 days of germ-inhibiting protection. No sanitizing program prevents 100% of disease, but we come close!